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Mid-late summer of 2015. Somewhat two years later I decided to buy a new phone because the BlackBerry Curve 9300 started to produce about the same symptoms like the old Bold 9000 did:

But 2 years use, is 2 years use! Do you want to live forever???

As a matter of fact, this BlackBerry reached the South Pole, was up on Aconcagua - but outside no other things happened than usual daily routines (put into pocket, take out from pocket, pressing buttons, put down to desk, charging battery).

While looking back, it had steadfast stupidities, like puny bb doesn't open pdf. conclusion: store the bookings in jpg...or in txt that's easier...or not forgetting the paper at home: priceless, or the strongly limited rows of applications (wasn't even capable to open a mundane TXT in default, only some obscure memo files). On the scale of smart between 1 to 10, I would mark 3.5 as its IQ.

So, during the summer of 2015 a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime became the descendant. While looking back I would recall two things which I liked. First, the small size. Approximately after exact 1 year later, I still don't see the advantages of the gigaorbital zillion inch sized screen of Samsung - the trend erects even more.

I don't watch videos on it, pictures just randomly, neither try to edit documents or spreadsheets, and I wouldn't feel shocked if I had to scroll somewhat more in the midst of reading websites. On the other hand I preferred BlackBerry's comfortable fit in my first pocket - should it be jeans, elegant pants or sport shorts - while Samsung GGP fits only in the rear pocket at best.

BlackBerry Curve:

  1. sitting to the table

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime:

  1. taking phone out of the rear pocket
  2. putting phone down onto the table
  3. sitting to the table

Secondly, the physical existence of the music player buttons - Previous track, Play/Pause, Next track - are real winners.

BlackBerry Curve:

  1. putting hands into the pocket
  2. pressing Next track button
  3. next music starts to resonate

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime:

  1. taking phone out of the rear pocket
  2. flip the leather case cover
  3. pressing button to turn on the screen
  4. divider landmark:
    • if the music player is active, tapping the Next track button
    • if not the music player is active, through x >= 2 tapping getting to the music player and tapping the Next track button
  5. next music starts to resonate
  6. fold back the leather case cover
  7. putting phone back into the rear pocket

This isn't hyperactivity. This is the accelerating world. This is chiselling to perfection, this is doggedness.

As an optional third, the existence of physical keyboard. While the - even smaller - BlackBerry had no problems to type with both hands, yet I don't believe that I'll ever feel the urge to learn to tap with both hands on mobile phone touchscreens.

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