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I used to have a Philips groomer set, which I bought during the first stay between 2008 and 2011 in the Czech Republic. The set went around the world, and since it's again one of the electronic waste disposal containers - the Gods have decided to throw it out.

The problem
I could hardly say that except of one or two occasional beard-aligning or stubble-creating, I would have used it too much, yet the later times (years) brought continuous battles. The battery quickly gave up after a short two-side beard trimming, moustache cut and smaller ear and nose bladeing. None the less, then let's charge it: would charge it. You could twist and tangle its cable, but the spikes by time lost the grip so much that you can twist and contort the cable as you like, but the charging LED flashes only for one cursory time.

Not exactly: it'll light for some time, and when you get back 2 hours later you realize, after all it didn't charge. Further obscure reasoning could be behind the engineers, but why couldn't you use the groomer during charging - it's not known.

And you ain't gonna risk to go to the street with halfway shaving in the morning:
- What happened? You slept on it?
- Battery praecox.

For the very current moment, I haven't lost my faith in the Philips products - have amazingly colourful auditory canales earsets, right - but lately I've rather purchased a Remington PG6030 Edge groomer; more among others, it can be used during charging.

Shaving? If Remington, they must know.

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