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Many Moons before, I worked at a company in System Administrator role. I liked the place, especially because the IT team was great (I feel fortunate that I've always worked in great IT teams, both professionally and personally) and the multiverse of Linux+Windows servers were more than enticing and professional-wise drooling.

We had a colleague there from the Finance department, he had been working for the company I think for some 3 years, so he wasn't a newcomer but neither in any Senior or Manager position. This colleague one day approached me with the idea that he wants Administrator rights on the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, dedicated to the Finance team.

Nutshell: a Terminal Server is a central server, where multiple users can login remotely and use the operating system and installed applications simultaneously; meanwhile sharing the CPU, memory and hard-disk resources.

This structure has the disadvantage of needing a powerful hardware, yet more advantages are for instance: no need of full user workstations, fewer software licences, easier backup management and others.
So we engaged in a private conversation:
- Why do you need admin access? - I asked.
- Because I want to install the financial application X. - he answered.
- I can help you if it's a business need, but first the software and the installation must be evaluated and planned.
- No, I want to install this program.
* seconds of silence *
- You're a Finance and not IT professional, thus I can't give you Administrator rights.
* seconds of silence *
- You don't want to give me the access because I'm Chinese!?!
I immediately knew there, this is a tricky question!

I had two possibilities to answer. The first, more complicated could have been the Colleague - Buddy - Friend relationship triage. If he had been at least on a buddy level, I would reply a Yes. :) << WITH A SMILEY to release the multicultural suspension.

Alas, he wasn't there, so I gave the other answer.

Further, me too judges others based on their age, sex, nationality, colour of skin, culture and ecetera: never by their actions or behaviour.

So after a No. he left the conversation as it was. Few days later it came out that he escalated to higher grounds, long story short, he was given Administrator access. Few days later it came out that he installed this software - in parallel with an Internet Explorer toolbar in Chinese language with a Trojan virus, which also installed itself to all the other IE user profiles. Needless to say the IT team enjoyed to resolve the extra task, so did the Finance department having extra free hours.

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