HelpfulJackIsNotBoredPraha: 2016-11-04 20:41
Budapest: 2016-11-04 20:41
Buenos Aires: 2016-11-04 16:41

I'm still enjoying foobar2000 and have upgraded to v1.3.13. It works well under wine 1.8.5-1.

The only nuance I had to overcome - I think from 0.9.55, the bug once disappeared, once returned - it always opened as Always on Top over the other windows. Even more, if you had set to the same level as other windows, after opening sub-windows (e.g: search) the program still returned To The Top.

The xwininfo and xprop didn't help much, but later wmctrl succeeded:

wine <path-to-foobar2000.exe> &
sleep 2; # need some sleep after wine, let the window fully initialize
wmctrl -ir `wmctrl -l | grep "foobar2000" | cut -f1 -d " "` -b remove,above;

Whether it is worth to do a more decent investigation inside wine, the window manager, foobar2000 itself, etc I'm not sure since - Whattaheck, they think I'm some Windows Fanboy? - I have no other Windows applications.

Ah yes, no more Notepad++ either anymore. Has been quite useful during the years, but the native geany prevailed as a complete replacement. Fast, customizable, and supports all the necessary features - but nothing more. Except one bug is on my back with Numbered Bookmarks: set a marker to a line / close the file / direct-indirect external edit changes the file / open the file again, then the following warning repeats itself:

<file> has been edited since it was last saved by geany. Marker positions may be unreliable and will not be loaded.
Press Ignore to try an load markers anyway.

What actually happens, the external edit changes the rows of the file, so the plugin gets confused and won't know or restore the markers at their original places.

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