Some of the best Czech cuisine. Part Three.Praha: 2017-01-18 22:22
Budapest: 2017-01-18 22:22
Buenos Aires: 2017-01-18 18:22

Homemade oukrop garlic soup in bread, with cheese and some bacon (domácí oukrop: hustá česnečka se sýrem podávaná v bochníku chleba). Not that kind of Czech meal you see on the first pages of the Czech menu, neither would be the most famous; but in a cool weather this hot soup is what your body needs.

Also tender roasted pork with knedlíky made of potato and bread, and two types of cabbage (selská vepřová pečínka, variace zelí a knedlíků). One of the most famous Czech meals, known as moravský vrabec too.

Comes with a Radegast 12° dvanáctka.

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