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The spring of 1992? Student exchange for a week to Prague for the 6th graders in the elementary school. The exact lines and the rest have already faded into the volatile mist of the past, but getting prepared, drawing flags and sing: Kde domov múj / Kde domov múj

Now I might suffer a serious prestige loss, but if I was in the situation to buy a car and found a good offer, the choice would be a Škoda Octavia. I drove many of their cars in the country and during European travels on thousands of kilometers, the cars proved themselves worthy, reliable and fun.

An Italian sunset on the 4,810 km European TourAn nth rental

Public transportation
The monthly pass in Prague with its 550CZK/20.35EUR price compared to other European prices, still offers a punctual and frequent opportunity to get from Point A to Point B. I won't need or seek academic accuracy right now, but one could easily imagine a better quality air knowing the significant amount of tram lines as well.

Without any business interests Alza is a good example how an internet shop should work in the 21st century; or any purchasing-selling transaction. Their offer has pretty much everything you would need, and if you choose to pick them up personally, then thanks to the well-organized customer service, on the contrary to the huge amount of customers you can get your stuff in 5-10 minutes.

The few last entries showed some great examples, and even it's not very recommended and is too sporty to eat Czech meals every day, but occasionally they're more than culinary. Left out from the list, cheese also come here (hermelín with garlic rocks on the top of a ham sandwich), or the long rows of the lactose products.

And many others

A light Czech beerWalking in the late night snowfall

Wishing all the best
After nearly 4 years' of relationship and memories, shall we meet again? Any long-term ever again is highly unlikely, but for 1-2 days for sure. As a tourist, should it be only passing through, or enjoying a nice pork roast with knedlíky and an ice-cold beer, or pleasant hiking on the ranges of Krkonoše. Those will be repeated.

Na shledanou,

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