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I've been having to have the pleasure to own 231 pasttime Hungarian movies in the collection for viewing entertainment.

Many of them already physically disappeared, others don't have legal successors, thirdsome won't ever have a place on the DVD-shelf after the purchase, because an official release won't ever be profitable.

Aligned, yet in inaccurate name order: Karády, Szeleczky, Muráti, Gombaszögi, Tolnay, Turay, Jávor, Kabos, Páger, Rajnai, Gózon, Mály ... and many others.

My other favourite website, which I may not visit every day, but often read it:

It's a Hungarian site of oldtime movies, actors and actresses, screenwriters and composers. It has a kind of pasttime feeling you would sense if you had sat into a small coffee shop in Buda during - before the war / between the war / after the war - era of Hungary. This entry would be too narrow to explain the atmosphere of these times, the manner of words and acting, the drama and life behind the scenes.

A kind of storytelling - dear chap, how's it going - with a liter of kadarka wine in thick glass to sit into a desolate pub, stories go around so does the music.

The entry also refreshes a memory from around 1993: by then as a student worker to have an extra income, I worked in the library of a museum as Data Entry Manager. It had responsibilities, for one side the dear librarian ladies were helped through the mystic jungles of the Excel spreadsheets and Word 6.0 by the IT genius.

Besides the main task was to scan and digitalize those getting falling apart Hungarian newspapers from between 1900 and 1940

By then, life was different - especially more political in the profession of art. I truly don't give a dam about political backgrounds. I'm neither interested in the political-religious origin of the artists, their real or made-up stands - priority focuses only on the art of movies.

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