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Upon recalling the ViedmaTandil traveldiary, out of literature curiosity I've been seeking interesting and well-written books recently. The subject I'd delve myself into is, how would the world look nowadays, if the American OR African OR Middle-Eastern OR Asian cultures and nations had conquered the world - and for the last 3,000 years until today, any or all of them would be considered as the First World and superpower rulers.

The dear readers a little bit proficient in logic will understand the OR wording; who not click here.

The style ideally would stand on historical grounds, but may intertwine or solely base on fantasy|fiction. It should extend with or in itself be a quantitative and factual science-based approach (sociology, economy, technology levels, domestic and foreign affairs, etc).

I'd be interested to read about things like:


ps: the evolution of the European continent and population doesn't necessarily have to exist, they can be omitted.

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