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Seriously. When you meet friends in Prague who you haven't met for a mere 1.5 months - and it's recognized Did you gain weight?

It's a serious situation. And it's NOT ANY muscle gain.

The Problem of 102
Isn't it's 102. But when you really feel heavier.

Hungarian cuisine is going to be seriously cut back.
Czech cuisine is going to be seriously cut back.

Looking around, eyes wide open
Since the last gym entry, I'm focusing seriously on burning fat. Among other details, along with personal preparedness level: the focus should target persistence and an above-average heart rate.

Running and treadmill
I never-ever liked it. Going further, I hate it. I can't remember any sunlit morning saying Oh my God, I'm so happy, I'll be on the treadmill today! I never liked to run, probably because of those Cooper tests in the elementary school. Maybe that's when I truly got to hate running. I truly kneel down before its great aerobic efficiency, but since I don't like it, and there are alternatives, and it's not the best for the knee and joints - I don't do it.

Never on serious waters, but between the age of 7 and 14, I was a returning visitor in the close local swimming pool on each Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The interest and respect toward the pasttime and current great Hungarian swimmers came from this time.
Unfortunately I haven't been doing any regular swimming in the last nth years.

Best to my knowledge, quite from an early age I've always ridden a bicycle. It's fun, it's fun, it's fun, not only as an exercise but to travel greater distances, to see places where you likely won't get to by running (sweat down to underpants) or walking.

Not to mention, having a bicycle is a bit more complex than the ability to tie shoes - just joking - still, fiddling with the bike, take it apart, put it together again, install, change equipment isn't only entertaining but educative.

The problem with indoor cycling...indoor spinning, it's boring. Even if you close your eyes and visualize the landscape hasting away, or the breeze in your face, it's still different.

Then I found...The Real One
A bit similar to swimming - who could forget along with the swimmers, the Hungarian kayak-canoe team: György Kolonics, Zsolt Gyulay, Rita Kőbán - some of the most famous along with other famous ones. Rowing - either indoor or outdoor - requires skills and it's fun. Don't overdo it - have weight exercises for your biceps/triceps, shoulder and back muscles - but working with an above-average heart rate, it has an efficient fat burner function.

That's what is going to happen in the next months.

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