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In the last 10 years, I did the 90-days diet four times (5 years ago last time), thus I consider myself as an expert on the subject and its effect (on me).

The One and Only Diet of my life, and why I won't do it ever again.

For those who don't know this nth type of diet, it consists to eat one kind of nutrients only each day:

(meat, dairy, eggs)
(pasta, bread, sweets)
(as it sounds)

Then on the last week of each month - 3 times - after the fruit day you have a water-only day.

Well, I can surely second and agree with, when you finish the diet you'll weigh less. Without any doubt. But the scale won't display a smaller number because you lost fat (my confident bet: that was your original idea and hope) but in fact you lost only water and muscles. Especially if you had followed a 65-70% sedentary lifestyle meanwhile.

Based on experience, the diet will be quite certainly not for you if:

It might be good for those who are overweight, and have to loose weight on the whole. Although it'll be much more efficient if you consult with dietetians and trainers, because they'll help you better on the long run; you didn't think it'll be just a few weeks, maybe months, did you?

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