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On the 4th of November 2016, Dark Tranquillity's latest album called Atoma was released. Since the Buenos Aires show also brought a story together, neither could this omit one: I ordered the limited edition album from Amazon.

... don't even ask me for a week what am I listening to ...

Furthermore, the below entry has no overtones to the work of Dark Tranquillity.

About 10 years ago I was an active user of Amazon, the memories still came back, very usable, they ship to Hungary, thus the movie classics one cannot buy in Hungary had successfully landed on the DVD-shelf. \m/

Thus with an extra level of joy I noticed the MP3 Download option. Understandably, from one side because of the lower price, secondly because of a later explained reason. Alas, the transaction died in vain due to the below mysterious error message:

Which meant nothing reading at first. Neither at second. Not even the third one, because I entered a valid payment method, and of course it would be paid locally. After a quick investigation I figured out that the MP3 Download option is only in the US available, also paid by debit/credit cards issued there.

Other countries have the option only to order in CD format. I have one non-existing and one existing problem with that. The problem isn't that a CD release costs at least the double of the MP3 price. Seeking karma answers and found on this website dear readers have known for a long time, there's not much sense to make comparisons - let's abstract to parallel, shall we? Therefore I don't pay attention to pay 25USD instead of 10USD for the album.

Of what I have problem with, is the physical existence of the CD disc and the case. The problem isn't just because it's made of plastic. I'm supporting the plastic industry and agree with George Carlin's classic, Plastic too is a child of Mother Earth, leave it alone! The booklets, leaflets added to the discs are a different topic: I'm again looking the other way while trees being cut, to not take away the daily bread of the paper industry - but while I honestly want to honour the graphical artist (in case of Atoma, very good), yet I still believe that I could sufficiently enjoy them in a digital format.

Like an Argentine credit card
The square meters of Hungary is quite bordered and limited, and I couldn't even say that I own any sized section of land, to serve me as a physical storage. I wouldn't prefer the MP3 Download because it's cheaper - but comparing square meters and gigabytes, in latter case I have a digitally and virtually endless storage capacity. And how fascinating is any booklet - I'm flipping its pages only after opening the box, then for x>=5 years it's more than sure that I'm not going to pick it up again.

Five years is quite a long time.

Until then, it just stands on the shelf. Putting here and there. Later probably into the depths of a drawer. Takes the space. Watching a movie is different. Friday evening, a long week, a glass of malbec and you sit down for Blade Runner. Two hours of relaxing. Maybe as a graying man, in his 3/4 part of second half, later in his 60s, probably music will be the same: a glass of brandy in the armchair, and Vivaldi's staccato start to resonate.

Until then, I don't have a single need of any CDs. MP3 gives freedom, during working Hard Day's Night can run, Legions of the Dead can hum on the underground, Whiplash to wake up or Strength and Valour revolves the testosterone in the gym. The CD since then, just lays on the shelf or in the drawer still.

5-10 years pass by, human lives change, by time one starts to feel less and less dependence toward physical objects. I still want to enjoy a great Atoma song - that's eternal. But there isn't any smallest bond toward the CD disc, the case or the booklet. Not even financial anymore, how much money you spent by then for it.

The product of the consumer society one paid significant money once, has no value anymore: it's only a drag, a nuisance. In luckier situations it'll be given away as a gift, or sold for the fraction of the original price to an another music aficionado - or ultimately will be lost somewhere, perhaps ends as an n+1 garbage in the trash.

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