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I must reconsider myself, because in the previous entry, unknowingly about the movie I took a stance of skepticism shooting brimstone.

To be honest, seeing the productions of nowadays Hollywood, it's not that impossible.
There were handsome actors, pretty actresses, speedy terminals with IP addresses, nail-sized memory cards with many gigabytes of data, and an honest signal toward the IT industry: in the future customers should make only those laptops successful, which have a neatly designed, physically existing hardware plastic slider in front of the webcamera.

Acknowledge goes to the film, the 134 minutes of the documentary catches and keeps the viewer's interest to get to know Edward Snowden's probably most important 9 years: his questions, decisions, the track of the happenings and their significance.

In other words, the Evil which inherently resides in religion. The movie carries you forward in a Tarantino-esque split, out of sequence scenes - with blood and guts. Questions emerge in you from the first chapter, and answers are given through great acting and story, extending into the complex topics of deliberately instilled guilt-fear-punishment, until a new house is built.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Thoughts are still forming, but one thing is quite certain: if I was the middle manager of the Marketing department for this moving picture, I would make advertisements such as: No epilepsy yet? Watch the movie! It's unknown whether this is the work of the cinematographer or the editor, but the effectively 1-2 seconds long, quickly moving in all directions, close cut, operating with bright lights too action scenes make the eyes jump back and forth with a clocklike, tic-tac precision. Action movies usually don't stimulate the viewers' brain with philosophical questions, but this much overspun visualities are at the point of physically uncomfortable.

You truly, honestly, without any kind of wrongwill but with innocence only babies have look up and ask:
Did they really-really not see this during the production AND the multiple editings AND the master cut AND the pre-release screenings?
If the action scenes of an action movie aren't enjoyable - then it's a failure. It must be granted, at the seventh chapter of the saga you can still see attempts to add depths and story, but nobody will remember those.

I don't remember the game too much from the past (I never was a console gamer), but consider myself also among those who grade the first movie as classic: it captured well the zombies' thirst for hot blood in the cold bunker, built an isolated suspension and the shard-like score with crystallic mechanics also stayed in the ears.

Therefore seeing the nowadays pretty much must-have - there's even more, shall we continue? - last frames, if the writers and screenwriters really sit together, then here could be a chance to put together a start from 0 again. In other cases they really shouldn't force it, because - excluding the acting, and visualities - the Resident Evil filmography is a perfect example of a slope-like quality, unfortunately.

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