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I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. Not more or very, especially not extremely, but I've been having my fair share of intercellular and molecular interests to continuously pursue knowledge.

When I was 14, they said my IQ is 131. Probably just got dumber since.

When I was enrolling to the mandatory military service, I would have been assigned to the Intelligence/Radio unit.

I rather decided to finish my duties as a civil soldier on the Ignác Semmelweis University.

He's a product of your profession. Not mine.

Up to this day I'm still confident that I did more good for the nation while working with professors of medicine and microbiology, than crawling in the mud and listening to the allegedly foul-mouthed lieutenants and sergeants shouting obscenities above my head.

I know, many people can comprehend things only this way. Like many others, I don't.
I agree and respect, soldiers are deployed for useful tasks too, in the help of a nation.

How did this get to my mind. Oh yes. Ignorant spots of my mind mixes the rightful justiceless laws.

Fluffy musings
After 9 years, I've been acclimatizing to Budapest for ~4 months. I see immensely gorgeous advertisements in HDR with warm sunset, the green forests and blue rivers, smiling and hugging-happy perfect people try to get to the renegade citizen's conscience and heart: Come home! Please?

It feels good, very good. You do the right thing, roam the right path. You take a deep breath in the refreshing spring breeze, then exhale slowly with a smile. Sweet home. :)

Wake up, and feel the hand in the chamber pot
According to the Hungarian laws, if you leave the country, you must send a form to the authorities with the request to quit your social security number. I did this process in 2008, before left to Prague. Then, according to the Hungarian laws, if you as a citizen cannot prove that you lived regularly somewhere, then you must pay all the local social insurance fees - even if you quit.

During the course of 9 years, with the employment contracts I had my insurance covered. Although there are months, when I didn't have insurance (eg, travelling); yet I neither did use any direct or indirect medical services in the country or abroad. Then recently while officializing my return, I received a very nice letter with the subject of Regulations of the mandatory accessory fees of medical services, inside demanding a very nice amount of money.

I love literature, how nice accessory sounds. This isn't taxation. It's an expected helping hand with a smile. Which we hit on if doesn't help.

The main question
Hungarian politics is investing major amounts of money into attracting back those Hungarians who left the country. Like love, beautiful billboards and ads are all around. It's understandable and agreeable, since Hungary - like many other European countries - is getting thinner and thinner. Here comes my ignorance. How does it exactly help to have them return, when they will have to pay major amount of money - for nothing?

Replay: even if you quit the social security system, even if you don't use any direct or indirect medical services - you still must pay the accessory. Either monthly, or anytime later piled up, when you reactivate your social security number.
Why would they return, when behind the home sweet home strawberry cake with mustard sauce, they'll be forced to pay significant sums of money for something they didn't use at all.
Will the national flag, conscience of a nation, cute people hand in hand, tasty cuisine, landscapes with HDR sunsets be able to warm up the heart enough, to forget the cold economical reality with a dumb smile?

Anyone could say that.
Pretty much the answer I received when I explained the fact to the clerk at the authorities, that I didn't cling on the udder of the social security system. This is law! - Judge Dredd roared in my mind.

My ignorance still wandered: what would make it impossible to track down that the citizen indeed did or did not use any medical services? When nowadays all the citizens' data, including medical records are stored and logged via indexed, searchable computer and database technologies. We aren't talking about Fox Mulder's and Dana Scully's greatest surprise anymore: mountains having humongous vaults built inside, endless rows of files being too cumbersome to lick through.

Being and return - not that different than expected
Or. Is it just like the shitload of private pension money, the one which disappeared. I'm still waiting an official explanation. The only thing I'm aware of was that last statement from the provider Your pension saving balance: 0 HUF, before the money disappeared, or was transferred to the state pension fund, or was used to pay debts of the country, or .............................. (insert your favourite song here)

Response of nil
If I could ever get to and live in Buenos Aires, I would never come back. - a woman behind my back overheard my conversation with the clerk. I didn't even raise my eyebrows.

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