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After a certain age, it becomes easier to follow a diet. If so far in your life you've eaten certain meals enough and some don't fit your diet, then you'll exclude them without mental stress knowing, you've already palated them enough times. Simple, as it is.

Anything like won't ever eat x|y again never work, never persist on the long run, like no New Years' resolution survives the 2nd of January. Much better is a won't eat x|y for an indefinite period élan. Already sounds less demanding, less torturing, easier to really follow.

Which are the bad meals? In my case, in the last 3 months the now already 9 kg weight loss was achieved primarily because of a proper diet and exercises - also totally excluded white flour and refined sugar. Plus limited carbohydrates only to a morning energy explosion.

Am I missing a thick slice of soft white bread to dunk the remainder of a pörkölt, then clear the throat with a cold light beer?

Does my heart break to see that savory, lardy sauce under the roasted meat, born to be spread on a slice of bread, with fresh onions and paprika?

Am I missing certain desserts, a pizza, a bite of good chocolate?

No. I've had those enough times, they don't fit at the moment, but there'll be a place and time in the future.
There's no craving, there's no stress.

Must add, all the above is highly unrecommended for young people. Doctors, trainers would agree: while you're young try out as many cuisine as possible. Don't limit yourself yet. That's how it works, go and figure out things for yourself; then you'll know thy enemy.

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