The official end of an eraBudapest: 2017-07-02 11:40
Buenos Aires: 2017-07-02 06:40
Praha: 2017-07-02 11:40

28th October 2014
Took over my permanent Argentine residency; which was about to close.

2nd July 2015
Was heading toward Ezeiza, took an aeroplane and left the country.

2nd July 2017
During my stay and until this spring, I had the impression that the validity of the permanent residencies last for 5 years counted from the last exit leaving the country - which was right elegant as was planning a certain return - visit, travel - to the country until 2020. Otherwise if you live in the country, the residency is valid for 15 years.

Since then laws have changed: the validity of the permanent residency was lowered to two years from exit. Then shall be terminated.

p.s: this entry was factual, not emotional.

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