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In fact, life has been going on from Thursday. I've been thinking since then. It happens sometimes, but I have an excuse.

I've been wondering to extend the Argentine real estate mafia trilogy with a Hungarian car rental mafia etude.

Like in the construction industry
Likewise the car rental agencies neither belong to a set where for a successful application one has to be educated, bear the abilty to form words and sentences in a cultured manner, and motivated to keep the customers return.

Anno at Company X as a returning customer came out that for legal and contract purposes the driving licence isn't enough - which information got to me obviously only at the pickup place - but they want a passport too. I tried to solve the problem by giving its number from my head. The clerk fell into thinking to wat to do naow, but the Boss sitting next to him simply solved the situation: You can't accept that. He can be a liar and just made up the numbers.

Of course, you shithead. I had to have a car, so 2 hours later returned again with my passport, again appreciated the amazing customer service. An extra 2,000HUF was added to the rental, because Nobody gives back the car clean, and only 2,000HUF isn't valuable money. I've always given back them clean, so? It doesn't matter.

Later I needed the car for an extra day on Sunday, so I paid that directly to the Boss. Returned the car on Monday morning to a third colleague, and received a call in the afternoon from the clerk: I must pay the Sunday, I must pay a fine of no-return on Sunday and I should be happy they didn't report me to the police as a horse thief. I said WTF. It came out, the Boss didn't write the paid Sunday and the agreed Monday return to the worksheet; which according to the clerk was my fault as I should have asked a new worksheet from the Boss.

Anno during a small construction around the house, some debris had to be taken away, which was paid in advance to the Supervisor Boss. A few hours later the truck came back still with the rubble, and the driver with frothy mouth (and strangely weasel smile) started to argue that he doesn't work for free, and if we don't pay him the cost of the carry immediately, then Fuck you, I will drop down all of your shit back.

Speak to your boss, fucker.
Naturally these talented brain surgeons sent me Facebook and LinkedIn friendship requests, trusting my satisfaction and intention to promote their business.

The car rented for the vacation. I already rented from Company Y during the spring, they seemed to be okay. There were a few minorities, such as the car was never clean, but a 15 minutes and few dollars cleaning is something I can do for myself. I trusted the warning light of the empty gas tank, that they sucked out as much as possible, but I'll still be able to reach the closest gas station. I neither felt broken when 2 out of 4 times rental, I myself had to pump air into the wheels to have them at operational pressure.

The times changed. They also played the passport story. Cleared up only again at the personal takeover obviously, when I had the whole vacation organized, when I must have a car - so a new roundtrip to pick up the passport. The highway vignette can be bought only through them (People forget to buy it, and we have to pay the fine.), the 10-days vignette doesn't cost 2,975HUF but 3,000HUF. You can keep the change.

I welcome that fortunate soul who in the Tesco parking mall carved a deep line into the side of the car. I won't ever be able to find out, whether it was some of the drunk beggars who wobble around and call you names if you don't give them money, or somebody just had a great joke. But we deducted the improvised 40,000HUF repair from my security deposit, and that dent wasn't either on the back door allegedly.

Even more, according to their opinion the car was handled over in a clean state (not really, we can check the cameras of the manual washer next to Tesco), but I admit my responsibility: the extra roundtrip for the passport took my attention away and I didn't question the reality of the clean inside scratchy writing on the contract at the time of picking up the car.

Thus the total 50,000HUF was deducted, because The extra 10k will be enough for the dent and cleaning. Don't think we want to make a living out of cleaning cars. I didn't think, that.

Ultimately and beyond no morale ever surfaced, the same genuine feature of construction industry too, that neither for the rental, nor for the repair was any invoice written. Time to find a new car rental company.

The bigger rental names might come into light as an alternative if, if they didn't align a Suzuki Swift around 12,000HUF/50EUR per day. I don't have any major problem with it, it's a decent city car (newly the gearbox is more precise than the hands of a surgeon) - but this overpricing is laughable; especially when you get the same car what the previous rentees have already driven to the bones.

Until they prove themselves to be respectable people and not natural born scammers - one must approach everyone in the car and construction industry with zero trust; starting with the quality of their work and services up to the naïvete imagination they treat you as a returning customer. Matterless how fair and square you try to play, they aren't going to have a single drop of shame while trying to compensate the damages made by other rentees from your pocket.

And every company is worth the same as their clientele.

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