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That helping hand was actually 6-digit, I just left my calculator at home. Anyway. One shouldn't worry about it afterwards (you're so emo, you don't cry over the spilled milk but mourn it), edit later, as theoretically one cannot change the history either.

Neither the bestseller book could be rewritten after. Thus a second chapter was published with the updates, patches and bugfixes.

Other. I revisioned my decades old data backups, mainly the optical discs. The statistics goes that about 9% of the discs burned in the last ~17 years are unreadable now. I haven't delved myself into figuring out the hows and whys, but one reason could be that the contemporary state-of-the-art CD/DVD writers and quality discs still didn't offer an errorless burning. By the way the discs have been stored in a relatively cool, without sunlight, with minimal humidity place, also haven't been taken out since the writing.

The conclusion:

Or, well, just store it in the fluffy cloud.

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