P!nk and Sziget FestivalBudapest: 2017-08-09 19:58
Buenos Aires: 2017-08-09 14:58
Praha: 2017-08-09 19:58

Subtitle: why P!nk's songs are more intelligent, than Lady Gaga's.

All right, I already made myself ashamed in Buenos Aires, that a dethmetaller listens to teenager-girl singers and bands. Alas, I didn't make it, but hopefully everyone is already there who wish to follow a great contemporary rock musician-songstress, they're already on Sziget Festival. Now.

The other reason - if you can't take romanticism, then leave now - but why one can respect P!nk's work, she's one of the most prominent singer in the style, who with hands cuffed could write songs and send them to the gold such as WMN PWR.

Still, her repertoire contains songs such as:

...which could give a feminine whipping to all the female generations grew up on watching Sex and New York...

End of romance: on the other hand, for my dismay Bullet for My Valentine this year doesn't get closer than Bucharest in August; guys, don't you plan some closer tour?

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