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Now not finance-wise; exceptions will recognize themselves and know they don't need to be mentioned.

Just as with language knowledge, likewise I'm trying to avoid to draw Big Pictures in general.

When I started to live there (not just being a tourist), not once but multiple times I heard the We are the asshole of America. phrase from Argentine mouth. It made me thinking and I honestly couldn't ever give any reply to that. My mind primarily projected toward geography, I understood this sentence as by closing with Ushuaia, Argentina is the southernmost country of the America combined continental landmasses.

Then I realized the reasons after time. Under Argentina's extremely strong national identity, serious inferiority complex lurks. This mainly stems from the fact Argentine people are European descendants - still aren't Europeans. They don't belong to Spain, Italy, France - this is aggravated by the impression of the West-European wealthiness. They see the pictures, videos, read the news about the quality of living - but they don't have that in Argentina.

The influence of North America brings double crises: Argentina is American too, but there's no New York, California, Los Angeles, the American Dream and luxurious sentiment of life.

Through the time, all the above have built a so strong and cramped inferiority complex, which was measurable during the World Cup too. The fact, that Europe is way more complex than this, that stucks somewhere in the middle.

What completely baffles me, that European descendants also step into this current of Europe-blaming: if native people did so, I would say I understand you, we agree in many questions, alongside let's see this objectively too, if we can have a discussion. I really don't understand why natural-born Argentines boo-boo Europe.

I'm getting slightly bored seeing that solely Europe is responsible for everything. Everything else is just innocent.

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