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I have a Samsung Galaxy phone, which I bought in the Alza of Prague; so if my mind doesn't wander, it's already more than 1 year old. Furthermore music is still an important aspect of my life, thus the jack after this amount of time got loosened because of the many plug ins and outs.

The symptom is highly annoying: if the earphone rotates a bit, there's only mono sound. Sometimes neither that. Music randomly stops, as if I pulled out the earphone. Sometimes the volume returns to default level, so if pressing the buttons doesn't change anything, I know the usual finger play of Are you sure to raise the volume? awaits an OKAY tap.

The first round of thought wanted to have it repaired, but the device isn't under warranty anymore. Thus the cost of repair couldn't be cheaper than a ballpark figure ~10,000HUF/39USD.

The solution
I've been searching an earphone fitting nicely under the bike helmet, based on Bluetooth. I'm not planning to listen to music while riding, but it's a perfect solution for audio-only navigation. The prices vary, but from about 15,000HUF/58USD you can find quite decent ones.

With slight lenience, my finger pointed to a Harman JBL Everest 100 - great quality of Altec Lansing, anyone? - which doesn't only fulfill every Bluetooth need, fits the ear, but also according to the manufacturer the battery lasts 8 hours (can be charged with standard microUSB), even more with the control you can't only change the volume but finally I have Pause/Play/Previous Track/Next track accessibility without the need of zillions of taps.

Rock 'n roll. \m/

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