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One part of obtaining my motorbike driving licence was to refresh my knowledge about the Hungarian driving rules (called: KRESZ). It's been some time when I did it for the car, but again I was ready for the second KRESZ exam of my life. The following question didn't come up during the challenge (I would know the right answer anyway), but it made me thinking during the preparations.

Read it, think about it - don't scroll down yet - before the correct answer would reveal itself. To add, Hungary uses the right side of driving, also the entry refers to the system here; it may be different in your country.

A closed group of adult pedestrians must obey which rule, while they're walking on a bridge?
- They must walk on the lefthand side of the road, after each other.
- They mustn't walk in a simultaneously paced manner.
- They must walk on the lefthand side of the road, in a closed formation.

The correct answer: They mustn't walk in simultaneously paced manner.

Why? If I'm not mistaken, this rule was created back in those days, when more military existence had been in the country and the infantry moved forward in a simultaneously paced manner; in plain words: was marching. And a closed group of people weighing many kilos with gears, walking forward in a paced manner could make a bridge swing, thus there would be a danger of breaking apart.

I have questions.

Dear Dinosaurs,
Why don't you lay down into Chicxulub - or for the better, with respecting your knowledge do evolve? What if the above and all the similar things would be simply thrown into the thrash, and instead you would create questions to solve real problems - explaining them twice, make them memorized three times?

Such as, primarily, but not exclusively:

Other. I've been searching likewise serious statistics as the World Cup, about what percentage of the new drivers are responsible for the accidents and what percent of the experienced ones. According to my preemptive opinion, the latter group will appear more times. Not the jittering slowbies (that's neither good, but defensive driving is safer in general), but the Who, if not me?!?! armchair racers:

Wondering - in theory - also, if it's obligatory to repeat the medical tests each 10 years, why can't be the same done with theory exam too? Especially because in 10 years the rules change 2-3 times in average - not to mention if the gentle(wo)man driver doesn't even know or learned properly the previous rules.

Which isn't impossible. It's not only his or her responsibility, but the deliberately overphrased legalese rules controlling everyday life.
Those who can afford a car, they can pay 4 600HUF/17.8USD exam fee every 10 years.
Indeed talented drivers will pass the exam without difficulties.
Then the country debts would be paid back in no time, along with making the public safety better; not from some disappeared pension money.

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