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Mátra, 2017-10-17 20:20

Galyatető wasn't a random itinerary target: the location and inclusive the Galyatetői Nagyszálló (Grand Hotel Galyatető) was one of the favourite resorts for the movie stars and other notabilities of the 1940s and 1950s. Visiting the place in 2017, one still has to admit that it aged well, besides kept its character and class.

Pleasant smell of smoke wanders around on the autumn evening, the velvet clothes rustle above the red carpet after the arrival from the wide staircase, later find pleasant comfort in the armchair before the cracking fireplace.

The usual chronology, similar to ViedmaTandil did neither fail: myself getting closer to the age of 28, I belong to the absolute youth. Smaller minority are those one-two families in their thirties with kids running around - but 99% of all the people are 60 and above.

I make myself entertained; late, but since it's main part of the self-image, finding path and basis of communication, thus also myself start to understand and enjoy eyeballing and commenting. People come and go, I stroll to the spacious restaurant with many rows of tables to have the dinner. I see a few middle-aged ladies with their daughters, they're whispering, scanning. As if they were adumbrating the old movies and some depiction of general wisdom:
- Look there! That must be a doctor or a lawyer! Wink-wink, show him your legs!
- But Mother!
- He's a good parti, act nice!

I break into a silent smile, Piri Vaszary played this maternal archetype many times, Ida Turay could perform the daughter. I'm satisfied with the dinner, everything went well with the Cabernet Sauvignon from Balaton. Opening a door, exiting to the terrace. The setting Sun reaches over the hotel, shines the colourful Kékes. To the right Katalin Karády and Pál Jávor, private whispering is their attention. I stroll to the left, to the round terrace, Gyula Kabos and Gerő Mály share anecdotes - one outbids the other. They create entertainment, later the sound of music arrives from the grand piano, Zita Szeleczky and Klári Tolnay perform a duett, Antal Páger with Andor Ajtay are nodding with approval. The high-class, exquisite drink, the Törley sparkling wine flows into the glasses and cheerful applause goes around.

Speaking of sparkling, I can't imagine that these and other famous distinguished people could enjoy a jacuzzi at that time, nonetheless. After a light 30 minutes upward, 17 minutes downward roundtrip between Mátraháza-Kékes-Mátraháza, the experience is complete - the hot outdoor bath under the starry night. Followed by the cold pool, then the sauna.

There are still many of the 231 pasttime Hungarian movies.

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