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It cannot be a simple task for one, who dives into the sequel of the sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds' most important movie.

I've seen the movie only once, in 3D, thus my impressions can be superficial only. What's sure, the nearly 3 hours length is unbelievably long. Not only King Kong. Not even just too long - but slow. I sat into the cinema seat with honest interest, mentally prepared and with empty cards as possible - but I noticed multiple times that I started to yawn. When it's not slow, it's WTF.

WTF, what was that? I get it, nice too, but after some time you're full with the urine-yellow colours. Meaning not that way. Of course I get it, looking back to the first movie. The difference, that used it only for the amount of time until the imagination of the viewer was captured and immersed in the future tech-noir. Here the urine ripples through the air, through the dust for hours. When not, we're only dust and ash of lethargy - that's not dystopia. But only slowly. Protracted.

The music. I would be in great trouble if I had to pick only one score of the movie history - but only for a second. In the next one without any hesitating I would point to the original Blade Runner. It carries you perfectly into the electronic future. The crackling One More Kiss Dear comes from the radio of past-time memories. The grandiose instrumentation gives weight and dimensions while you're flying among the buildings touching the sky, you can feel their gravitational forces. An old piano. Or the dialogues mixed into the music, immediately take you back to the scenes. Many others could be listed. Nothing similar could be said about the sequel - edited, renewed, but I couldn't leave the idea that somewhere in the studio the score of this movie and the Transformers/Terminator 4 was accidentally misplaced and replaced. The mainly instrumental score rattles, crackles, croaks.

There are visionary moments of the future. There are. Nowadays not a single mainstream movie could start, roll or end without any content which stands firm and sends messages about women...the rulers of the future.

By the way. If you keep a human from its birth among four walls == it will remain the completely same person until the end of its life.
The wiring of the nerves starts to happen and becomes more and more complex because of the impulses and impressions.
If there are no impulses, then there is nothing. There are no grooves. Only void emptiness.
Only it should be clarified if a movie belongs to the propaganda category. WMN PWR reappears.
To avoid mixing my impressions with others', I hardly ever read other reviews before putting down my opinion. Yet I did so with this movie and I was relieved while I was reading the Critical response on Wikipedia.

I was happy to see, that in the 21st century there is a possibility to make money just by writing down things like it's a weakness of a movie, if it aims heterosexual men.

There you go Mr. Cabell.

The first impressions - one time watching isn't sufficient. I found no trouble with the Hungarian dubbing, but in the second round I'll watch it with English audio. One has to admit about certain scenes, they tried to carry the story forward, explain the happenings since the first movie.

The original. Sure-sure, you appreciate the noticeably frequent return of the classic moments. But if I was mainly interested in the moments of the first movie, then...


I will watch the original movie.

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