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The WMN PWR everywhere in the media made me thinking. It happens sometimes, but I have an excuse. I came to a conclusion that history always repeats itself, and we've already seen, heard and know stories on the topic.

In the 1960s, there was a talented comedian. His name was Benny Hill. He entertained the audience nearly for 40 years, both with financial success and a worldwide positive reception too.

In the late 1980s he was taken down with the reason that he's only repeating himself, the originality and quality of his shows went down. Seeing his work in total, one might see truth in this - as we saw similar cases in the 60s-70s with Monty Python or other supergroups anywhere in the entertainment business.

The comedian then removed himself from the lights, and passed away only a few years later - the shows meant the whole life and work for him.

If one can believe the sentences appearing in the media, he was taken down actually because the charging forward of the radical feminism, the owner TV network couldn't tolerate the allegedly sexist, male-chauvinist, women degrading nature of the shows. You too are baffled, and thousands of documentaries explain the obvious: you can say whatever about Benny Hill's shows, but hardly the above. Yes, there are titties, panties, not a suggestive shot of an innocent double entendre joke could stay in the magazine, but in the end always the male character gets slapped (regardless he deserves it or not). Nonetheless, the main weapon of WMN PWR, the making a thunderstorm out of a silent fart power-wanting politics worked perfectly.

Benny Hill is a good example why Hollywood nowadays produces propaganda, injected into the pulling force of the classic titles. They try to avoid his fate.

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