So, the motobiker season has startedBudapest: 2018-04-16 19:18
Buenos Aires: 2018-04-16 14:18
Praha: 2018-04-16 19:18

I already have the unlimited driving licence, the equipment has been updated - from hard to soft protectors + specific motorbiker coat+pants combo.

Ahh, those summer and autumn afternoons and evenings of 2017. When just a case of we'll see what's going to happen was on the horizon.

But of course, it was cheaper too: why would I want to see many dollars to be ripped apart on the asphalt after I lick the curve in the first corner, right.

Which obviously still could happen anytime of course, right. But there's a learning curve trajectory.

Ready for the season. What's the continuation?

On the tiered and gradual steps of sanity, naturally it'll be a driving safety training.

I think I can be awesomely creative. For example besides making the KRESZ-exams obligatory in each 10 years, me too supports the idea to make safety trainings mandatory.

Simple math: if you cannot add after the driving licence exam cost x dollars, one more x dollars to enroll at least once a safety training - then you should not get involved in motorbiking at all.

If you don't feel instinctively that such training will become an advantage to you, your bike, your financial investment and the other participants of the public moving around - then you should not get involved in motorbiking at all.

Petrol smoke will be still entertaining; or even more.
Even the professional motocyclists and the indeed instinctively good bikers continuously update and refresh their knowledge and do practicing. So it's quite funny to hear seasoned bikers who believe they're on the peak of All Motorbike Knowledge. To demolish such naivety are safety trainings for, also for beginners like myself to fill their missing motorbiking skills.

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