Dear diary,GPS: 45.777,18.404
Kásád and Villány, 2018-04-20 21:26

On this day - 20th April 2018. 13:51 - I reached the southernmost settlement of Hungary:

The weather is good, the mood is good, the locals are friendly - I'll try to get to know their culture and customs.

Furthermore I've again stepped up one level with completing a 283 km distance per day: stepped on the stairs of Doubling Test Distance.

This tests step-by-step how much I'm able to ride a bike per day. ~25/25 was complete in Budapest and its vicinity everyday, the ~50/50 was done by Budapest-Dorog-Esztergom-Dobogókő-Budapest, the ~125/125 roundtrip had Budapest-Szántód-Tihany-Budapest.

Closing the day in Villány: a renowned vineyard with their classic cabernet sauvignon from 2014, along with home-made olive oil and bread started, followed by an excellent duck leg, duck liver surrounded by fine gnocchi and sauce.

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