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It happened more than a month, but I'll tell you right from memory. I had that first 50/50 km tour, when I was arriving to Dobogókő from Esztergom. Everything went smooth and well, until the Szentléleki-patak (Holy Spirit Stream).

Clicking the link, seeing the map, arriving from west you see a light right turn, which in fact turns into a hairpin.

All the happenings from my head:

Trállláállláláááá, how nice is the weather, 50 km/h (indeed) I'm gliding under the shady trees and taking the light right turn ... Trállálláláá...

Tráá ... lááá ... lá-oh-á ... Lá.

No. It. Won't. Be. Good.
This time I arrived into the hairpin and - in medias res - my spiritual eyes recalled those internet movies where exactly on forest roads people crashed into the close trees or bushes. I thought, this'll gonna happen to me as well.

Not really, primarily the rein was still in my hands, I kept my usual coldbloodness, not to mention my speed was within the limits. I was confident that I immediately have to slow down. I was also confident that the road isn't clean, dirty by dirt, so anything sudden ain't gonna help my tires and obviously, ultimately me neither.

So I remained in the decision to let the bike move straight forward - nobody came in the opposite lane for the moment - and as if it was an emergency brake, I started to brake with both front and rear brakes. I slowed down nicely, only swerved to the opposite side, then turned back in a moment into my lane.

I indeed did sweat. Adrenaline in the air.

Nonetheless. Today I again spent some quality time, with the demon of mine, and I succeeded. I'm explaining: you drive with about 50 km/h speed in the right corner, when you see the bridge then slow down to 30 km/h, shift back to 3rd gear. With constant acceleration, if needed reduce speed with rear brake then take the corner.

There's something inexplicable
If today, I would have taken that corner in the same manner as on 1st of April, I would have a head-on crash with an incoming car.

Only some light noise:
  • listen to your Guardian Angel three times more on unknown roads
  • if you can't keep the middle of your lane == you're going too fast
    You can pin the curve on a race track. On public road not even accidentally unintentionally.
  • the ever rule: to successfully take a corner, you must see the exit point
  • motorbiking didn't become a single inch more dangerous than before; one must practice and practice

If you're a rider like me
I would seriously recommend today's Börzsöny ride: arriving from Kismaros, turn toward Kóspallag later, then your eyes will explode. Amazingly beautiful to ride through the forest - it's more like driving through arbours - in 4th or 5th gear, no faster than 30-40 km/h, maximum at 2,000 RPM and as silent as possible.

As silent as possible, you're not the type to rev up the engine just for fun or if it was cool.

No, it is not fun. It is simply loud and it hardly makes any sense or fulfills any goals.
In a difficult traffic situation it won't help. Wait: what's that little button below the turning signal?
Bingo: it's called the horn.

The equipment
I think I've found the dream daily luggage. Everything goes into the tank bag (2x0.5 l water into the side pockets), inside everything one needs + electricity is also solved.

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