I have good news and bad newsBudapest: 2018-05-31 16:30
Buenos Aires: 2018-05-31 11:30
Praha: 2018-05-31 16:30

Good news, I figured out what's that occasional rattling noise - on bad roads - coming from under the seat.

Bad news, it's not the tools bag sliding around - but it came out after the post-checks: the completely new rear fender broke out during the crash in Garbolc:

So, there were still victims. :( Not only one, bearing much more importance, proved right on the spot damages have been pushed back by lawyers, so I don't think there'll be any continuation of this story.

There was no backreference, I know they do their job.

I would be in fact curious: on the 28th April, while I was returning from Slovakia from the Northernmost ride, during a road construction by a not named company, a brick of asphalt hit the front of the bike.

Back then I stopped and checked it, but since the windshield didn't have any spots I thought I survived it well alive. After got back and the cleaning, the story wasn't that much cheerful:

Nonetheless, I sent them a humble and nice letter, explained the story noting no intention to escalate the situation, but please do remind the employees to solidify their machine operator knowledge again (slower pushthrough speed? higher barriers on the truck?). Probably this caused an emotional tear, maybe due to their internal rules after nearly a month later I still haven't received any response.
This much dent on metal makes one wonder. 5 km/h more and the hit happens on the visor of the helmet or the helmet itself.

They should have responded at least a Sorry, we were stupid, look, here's a promotional gift pen. answer. Of course one can admit: road construction companies hardly have to communicate with loathsome little mortals. Lobbyists, politicians and lawyers are well enough. When was the last time you wanted to lay roads?

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