04. Sölkpaß, Kleinsölk, Grimming, FlatschachGPS: 47.271,14.079
Sölkpaß, 2018-08-22 20:22

When should one hit the 30 000th km? Right close toward the Sölkpaß:

And indeed - I wanted to get back for 8 years and did so:

Didn't...couldn't shoot such images as I did then: mainly because there were way more people around, also due to the latest landslide, some maintenance works were still happening.

Also fellow travellers: do not put your whatevery silly stamp to the Sölkpaß, Seehöhe 1790m sign; or anywhere in the world.
Makes it only very ugly, nobody actually cares or would make you anywhere important.

8 years agoToday

A quick detour to Kleinsölk; can't say to remember all the details 8 years ago but refilled the 2x0.5 l water bottles with fresh mountain water:

Grimming on the other side, with its 2,351 metres high peak:

Flatschach may not ring a bull's bell, but Red Bull Ring's bell, yes. Now for cars, some practice session:

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