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Buenos Aires: 2018-09-07 16:37
Praha: 2018-09-07 21:37

I have a Canon SX120 IS compact camera. Although my main kit belongs to Nikon, actually I have fond memories of working with Canon cameras too.

Bought it exactly in the Unknownth Year of the Lord, I believe in 2010 as, if the internet doesn't lie and why would - I already took it to the 2010 Big European Tour.

I indeed did - it was the roadtrip movie camera under the headrest, in the Škoda Octavia.

Long story short, primarily I slowly ceased to use it at the advent of the decently usable mobile phone cameras - thus it's been in a cryostasis sleeping mode for ... 2-3 years.

Secondarily it started to ride on the well-known Canon Powershot syndrome: even if you put completely new batteries, after a few seconds or shots the firmware starts a panic mode then shuts down: assuming that no juice left in the battery.

I started to think
As it can be put together from my motorbike touring pictures fairly well, it includes the action/sport camera fixed to the middle, and the mobile phone in the holder. But.

This system is a pain in the ass: for every picture taken, I - obviously - stop, then I can dis- and re-assemble either the action camera or the mobile phone.

All these shorten the longevity of the USB-port, also ... also may cause fuckups in humid, watery weather.

So to avoid all the above, I cleaned all the inside of the camera and gave it a new CR1220. So far so good, this already seems to work (so far no need for the toothpick trick). Yes: after 8 years, one should indeed replace the small, memory battery.

Small moments of happiness, going to test tomorrow.

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