Hopefully notGPS: 47.384,16.544
Kőszeg, 2018-09-22 19:26

Was this the last ride of the season.

Though, it was one of the even prepared but damnedest coldest ride so far. Riding out from Wien after a strong storm in the morning.

Got a note that Do not leave your motorbike in the yard. Take it to the street, now. Why, I did not ask the external gentleman, but silently accepted that while fucking chain-smoking is completely is allowed in 21st Century Vienna - then one still can bitch about an absolutely cold and nothing dripping motorbike in the yard.

These people still believe this is way more important than all the dogshit and dogpiss on each corner of the Mariahilf Bezirk.
And rode through amazing but very cold forests and water patches - planning just to be *bit* slower after the rain getting to Hungary.

Happened so, a late arrival in Kőszeg.

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