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Subtitle: it's not enough if you headed out to a 270 km ride back to Budapest in 12 Celsius air temperature and 6-9 m/s wind.

Give and take ballpark figures, on a motorbike with average speed it's 6-8 Celsius.

Long story short: the bike stood for a week in Wien, roared up at the first spark on 22nd morning. After then only two nights stay, she remained silent on the 24th leaving Kőszeg.

Even shorter: all the dark magic were summoned, but ultimately realized only at a motorbike service repair station in Szombathely, after reading the electricity with a multimeter - the emergency button causes the messup. Screwing and driving revealed some corrosion on the surface. Scraping down, clean up, the engine roared up as it should.

This put me back a 5 hours delay - so while I immensely felt pleasure during riding through the countryside with the Sun setting down and huge clouds above me - I did not enjoy the wet pleasure.

If the engine had started at 9am, I could have been faster than the sky.
I mean how's that you stroll through with 50 km/h through a small village - then, and only then a hail and heavy rain hits you. After the Inhabitated Area Ends sign, everything is dry and pure again as Baby Jesus' diapers.

No disrespect of course, after exiting from Győr, I again got wet down to underpants; not that fun in the above weather, but nonetheless.

All the absolute visible:

Then came an about 100 km nighttime ride, after the 170 km in rain. Completely soaked in the above detailed weather - one of the biggest challenges I've encountered so far.

Believe it or not, it's absolutely demanding, especially on a motorbike.
Especially because of those goddamn car/minivan/truck drivers who don't understand any physics.

If one wheel of a 4-wheels vehicle slips on the road ... WTF, nothing happens, not even recognized.
If a motorbike slips on the road, then it has only 1 remaining tire on the road.
And that ain't no fun.

So there's a reason why a motorbiker keeps the speed limit.

So there's a reason why none of the motorbikers like if you ride their ass.

So please: keep the distance. The brake disc lock is still at hands.

The rewarding gem still nonetheless showed its face: while getting back to Budapest from Dorog - seeing the Moon to rise from Waxing gibbous to its fullest reflection:

Am I happy and proud to finish it? Of course.
Would I do it again? With better prepared gear.
Not sure though to do nighttime ride in cold and rainy weather again, unless absolutely necessary.

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