The case is closedBudapest: 2018-10-05 15:40
Buenos Aires: 2018-10-05 10:40
Praha: 2018-10-05 15:40

Received the official answer, which I initiated to solve the problems came up during the latest car rental (can be read somewhere below). Long story short, the transaction happened at the Récsei Center, which is located in the 14. District - where the local police replied that my proposal has been dismissed.

One explanation, it was my fault to hand over the money, secondly you rented from this company already 3 times, therefore you had no reason to assume breaking the contract.

Impossible that someone fucks you up at the fourth time; logical.
Such minorities, like the shady past of the company, the fact it's currently under final closure seem to have slipped the attention, thus the respected police department just read out what was the most convenient. So, the case is denied, if I want, I can go to the court.
I'm obviously going to do this to loose even more money to beat the air, knowing the Hungarian legal system, against a company soon to be liquidated.

So I do apologize. If I hadn't wasted the precious time of the XIV. District Police Department, then - without the list of completeness:

The Istvánmező, Keleti Railway Station and the surroundings of the Thököly Road easily wins the Worst Places of Budapest in 2018.

I wish many similar success, and likewise such great job for the XIV. District Police Department.

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