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Someone who follows the traffic rules much closer will correct me, if one wishes.

According to my memories - before I left Hungary for 9 years - there was a strangely viable law, which prohibited the use of mobile phones while the vehicle is moving.

This section changed by time == politics realized it will make voters to Unlike === disappeared.


I was right returning from the 10,000th kilometer, after rain and planned to refill the tank. Then arrived to the XIV. District, into the railway intersection at the Mogyoródi Road from the Szederkény Street.

As it's been used to, waited minutes to merge to the Mogyoródi Road, waited for the incoming bicyclists up to the 12+ ton overweight trucks on the narrow, used to be respectable suburban streets.

My only luck, the railway light changed red - so I could turn and slowly ride to the front.

Waiting, long queue queued, after some minutes an only lonely locomotive chugged away.

No worries, the light changed white and I started.

I welcomed an another motorbike in front, then in fraction thousands of a second later from the right, a black compact MPV, from the Szuglói körvasút suddenly turned in front of me to the other direction - I see the mobile phone in the driver's hands and he tries to keep the control of the car, agitating one hand moves work on the steering wheel.

Emergency braking in the very last moment, only Baby Jesus' diapers helped to have the right speed and traction beforehand.

No motorbiker should expect a situation in the same way, but: you'll instinctively will handle the handlebar to the other direction of slipping.


You could be then angry, when in the same cross due to the rough road you go 30 km/h, when a cyan coloured Suzuki Vitara with at least 50 km/h hastes away close to you. The moustached gentleman, in his 50s later explains his stance: youngish looking boys obviously have no knowledge of driving a car.

The moments, when you still is not angry.


Some say it's dry, but I do and like to read the law.

During this course I found this paragraph:

[ § ] In the case, one vehicle moving on two tracks, whereas forces an another, one vehicle on one tracks to make sudden direction change and/or emergency braking toward the mentioned driver, irrespective of the whatever weather circumstances - therefore the latter one has the right upon the mentioned previous vehicle, to either kick or bash down the rear mirror on the driver side. If this cannot happen, kick into the side of the vehicle using two tracks, up to deformation.

This hasn't happened so far, but the paragraph is in front of me.

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