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I had kind of ambivalent feelings while read back the two words of survival chances. Sounded too radical.

Right that evening, after finished the entry I read biker websites, and one had a sentence, not quoting accurately as Our goal is to have all motorbiker to get to home in the evening.

I raised my head because in other words, but this thought grew also inside me a few times already: Is it a good day, if we return to home/the daily accommodation in one piece?

Riding a motorbike would be all about this? Not about the morning forests feeling the cool wind, see the sunset break through the trees? Leaning into the curves with the bike, pull the throttle, hear the roaring? Through the fields flowers play in your nose, along the wheat and the hay? To indeed live the travel, be inside its deepest meaning - for which motorbikes are the perfect vehicles?

Shall return to this.

I have no intention to dramatize anything. I don't say that every single moment of the first 10 000+ km, I was in constant danger. Furthermore I neither ever sit on the motorbike with a What's gonna happen today??? attitude.

This applies to driving any vehicle: if you're anxious or scared that you mess up something or something happens === it is going to happen.

This kind of mentality isn't good with any two-tracks vehicles, with one-track vehicles is an absolute no.

But to enjoy riding the motorbike.

Since all those people who have been living in Hungary constantly see slope-like degradation in the quality and safety of the public moving around, and me returning after many years see a deep dive - then luck (again or never get home) isn't a satisfactory answer anymore.

Nobody expects such, decades long joke, well-known public fact It's impossible to put a policeman behind every person. Naturally not, saying without irony.

Then what happens, what's the lookout, if tragedy actually has happened?


On the 29th May 2016 at noon, a motorbike accident happened close to Gyulafirátót.

A luxury German-brand car driven by a 19-years old Hungarian man started an overtaking maneuver in good weather conditions, which he couldn't finish and caused a frontal collision with an incoming motorbiker group. During which course a mother died on the spot, a young woman with serious complications will stay in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, and a third woman also suffered injuries causing 50% disability.

The case is winding as usual, the suspect at first accepted his responsibility, then during the years they realized the rubber-like nature of the legal systems can be played with, so on a next occasion made a sleepiness caused it run.

Long story short, on the 8th of October 2018, the Court of Justice in Veszprém (where Gyulafirátót belongs to) ruled that the accused is guilty, yet his action causing one person's death, two other person's serious disability measures only 1 year 10 months in prison, suspended for 4 years on probation period.

What does this mean in practice? According the current penal code in force since 2012, its 65. and 66. paragraphs handle the Admittance to probation period sections.

It's not too difficult to understand the meaning of these two short paragraphs, the 65§./(2-4) don't apply to this case, but the second section of 66§./(2) outlines the future:
(2) Except situations explained in (1), after the probation period the perpetrator's culpability ends.

Which means according to the current track, he's paroled and free, then after 4 years could shake his shoulders and laugh from the belly.

What brought the respected Judgewoman to such a verdict - I agree with those who don't want to lynch the convicted, but a bigger problem must be solved - one can only wonder. I have no idea about the background of the convicted or his family, it doesn't either pertain directly to the case, but seeing the circumstances the Local King's Influence dilemma could be interesting.

The respected Judgewoman ruled a leading case and shook the Hungarian justice system at base - which manner of words is still black humour: legal systems apply laws primarily, not necessarily give justice.

Most of the survived alive public road endangerment for thousands of reasons never reach the courts - the Judgewoman above said: not even deadly accidents and broken lives which actually reached the pulpit get veridical legal remedy.

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