Motorbike miasmaBudapest: 2018-11-04 18:11
Buenos Aires: 2018-11-04 14:11
Praha: 2018-11-04 18:11

Is there any motorbiker out there, who ever noticed rust on his/her suspender?

The sad reason is given because by today the 2018 Motorbike Touring Season has finished for me: thus the clothing has been cleaned, washed, dried and laid down for a winter sleep.

Of course not.
This doesn't mean the end of the biker season, lol. Only I'm not planning more multiple days tour for this season, even if there are sparkling sunlit days nowadays.

No reason to be alarmed, the city biker jacket+jeans+knee protector along with cool weather apparel are front of the eyes. Which is an anyway smart idea because I'm certified down to 12-15 C in dry weather - so I don't see why to put the motorbike away for the winter: I rather ride a let's say 5 km each two weeks, then life is already easier than all the procedures of winterizing a motorbike.

Knowing the current Hungarian continental weather situation, I don't exactly see why should I do it, since last winter there was only one month below zero and snow.

I could understand winterizing above the Arctic Circle, but there summerizing is the same as winterizing, anyway

So, lighter rides shall still happen hopefully.

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