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When I started to slice the onions.

There are many meals which I quite enjoy to palate anytime: boiled meat belongs to them. During my last visit to Vienna I had the luck to enjoy one of the most prominent member of this meal, the Tafelspitz. By the meaning of taste and the additional garnishing (horseradish and apple cream) this restaurant served well - but personally I would give A Huge Minus Point to those who serve Tafelspitz with a chunk of meat beaten to thin death.

One may find it acceptable with a Wiener Schnitzel but with boiled meat, the culinary entertainment includes the pleasure when you separate the warm, steaming tender meat with the fork.

This culinarium is nonexistent with thin meats.
Since I'm having a diet again, I refreshed my appetite to do the kitchen activities by myself (I don't feel the honour yet to use the word cooking). Compared to this I have to say, the first boiled meat of my life, the first Tafelspitz worked out pretty good.

I know-I know, one always cuts the beef tissue across and not parallel - but it was so tender that would fall apart.

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Maybe just need a different angle: I have a good onion soup base.

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