Probably not 100%, by lookBudapest: 2018-11-18 11:18
Buenos Aires: 2018-11-18 07:18
Praha: 2018-11-18 11:18

But scores, by taste: chicken pörkölt with mashed potatoes and cucumber.

Forgot to say at Tafelspitz, but applies also here: if you think about it, these meals are awesome for a diet. What's inside? Nothing special. Tafelspitz has only the demanded energy and protein of the beef, otherwise contains only vegetables, seasoning and water.

The chicken pörkölt is neither much more than the chicken breast, onion and seasoning.

Pro Tip: the sauce of a well-prepared pörkölt needs only necessary amount of onion and salt - not water: use the amount of salt which is enough to make the onions and the meat weep, then you won't need any water; which would only dilute the flavours anyway.

+1 kitchen trick. I've hesitated for many years to buy pork fat, because I ain't ever gonna eat 0.5 kg portions. Finally found only a small package, so for these type of meals you start with a teaspoon, maybe half tablespoon portion to fry the onions == then you'll get the genuine flavour base.

I do like and use olive oil, but you'll never get to the same results with it.

Which I ultimately succeeded: the first chicken pörkölt of my life doesn't require any special correction, worked out pretty well both by cooking and seasoning.

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