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Buenos Aires: 2018-11-26 07:26
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Without any further disassembling, the motherboard is dead:

Talking about the used for-so many years and loved D600, ultimately stood in parking mode in the last 3-4 years (last boot happened a year ago): it looks like it'll rest forever and won't reach 2019 alive.

Passepartout for one time still returned from the dead, D600 has no chance for that.

Hesitated for many years, since the 1.3 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM slowly became unacceptable on the software fields in the last ~5 years, but a hardware failure is unresolvable. The symptom is searchable and infamous: Num Lock flashes 9 times, then the machine powers down. Not even the fan revs up.

I went to the farthest points with the resuscitation attempts, but it's absolute to say that all remaining parts are fine, as:

Aside of a dead insect (how did it fit and get under the VGA chipset ... AND WHAT DID IT SEARCH?) there's no surface drama like burn, smoke or explosion - so somewhere a not service or replaceable part flew into the devnull.

Checked the internet and there would be opportunities to get a new motherboard - but as it's usually said economically infeasible. Along with shipping the motherboard would cost 20,000-30,000HUF, out of that money I would rather invest into the newer, well known reliable Ship of Theseus:

Reassembled, ready for a final farewell: R.I.P D600.

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