The end of the season ended :(Budapest: 2018-12-07 12:07
Buenos Aires: 2018-12-07 08:07
Praha: 2018-12-07 12:07

I've seen a few motorbikers on the roads nowadays, but in this current and forthcoming weather I've taken the battery out.

Probably a surprise only for me, but after 2 weeks hibernation, the charger after 1.5 minutes showed 100%; so The Alps Battery stays well.

No reason to be alarmed
Since I'm still exceptionally good in improvising: in each 2+ weeks <= 1 month I'll take the bike to the closest petrol station to make all the fluids flow around + check the pressure in the tires.

The question shall cometh: What does a motorbiker do, if he/she cannot ride the motorbike during winter?

For example watches this video and the rest.
I speak zero amount of French, except Jet 'aime, La Marsellaise and Merci beaucoup, mais je n'aime pas escargots, on the other hand the clips behind the link are entertaining; marking for example the Trans-Siberia and North Cape ones.

New Year Resolutions:

Oh mybad, wrong calendar page, this isn't 19 yet.

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