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Is not suitable under the age 18, parental advisory and permission is required.

Or not. Since it won't contain ripped off limbs, spilled guts, exploding HDR head after a shot, true masculine militaryism.
Unfortunately neither a set alive on fire pilot in a cage, which the internet online and mainstream TV-stations also did stream.

But neither any uncovered female tits.

This entry touches the well-known existence of road rage.

I was back on the Easternmost Tour, happened in a deliberately not to be named village, if which you enter the sign says Tiszanána. The story happened on the next day after the The Slideout, thus it didn't have any kind of relation.

While passing through the village, I was about to enter this left and right curve, when the first participant arrived: perfectly laid back, as he was educated by the smartyest person next to the barn, as it's written in the KRESZ rules:

If one cannot take a corner due to too much speed,
feel free to use the opposite lane.
It's your business if you hate your kid,
but you still shouldn't endanger him or her.

With the same brain size, in straight order arrived the next overliterate citizen:

He didn't even try to pull the steering wheel away.Didn't either have any kind of eye contact.

Needless to say, the whole situation was barely 2 seconds, even with 40 km/h; 40 + 50 (let's say) = 90 km/h.

Long story short, when the second driver with a random driving plate JZB-[0-9]{3} started to disappear - I did a lookaround and turn back after the cars. Again through the village and with hand gestures noted to the second driver, trying to escape that Stop, let's talk about this.

I didn't flip any middle fingers, I didn't imitate an index finger pulled in front of my throat and pointing to the driver - only indicated to stop and be so kind and explain how much did you pay and from whom did you buy your driving licence (if you have at all). Just as if I was talking to any nowadays SUV driver.

In cases where there's a chance of discussion, I ask only this exact question: At least, are you aware of what you've done?

My strategy failed, the village people with mouth left open didn't grasp any of the happenings, but watched the arriving loud and angry motorbike - the car drivers kept their speed and 10 seconds later I stopped at the side of the road. 5 seconds later both cars already disappeared.

Have I stopped (on foot, on bicycle, in a car), I've always been light-years away from road rage. I cannot give any explanations why did I turn around - probably because a) if I hadn't swerve to the right b) didn't do an emergency maneuver, then the collision would have happened 100% sure. Seeing the attitude of those drivers, it's also 100% sure they wouldn't even stop.

Makes one's mind legally wandering. In the above case, if the visibly how participating, arriving from the front driver (see the paragraph 54-2, 1975., and let's make a coffee and fill up with some bla-bla) who since his birth suffers in psychosomatic nose-picking, and this forces himself to take every left corner on the left side of the road - meanwhile hits the incoming motorbiker who obeyed the laws; but the perpetrator could be shifty: then what would be the first or second instance of the court?

But I can, why did I stop - and to recommend just the same.

There could be billion reasons why any driver could mess up your mind. But why you should not stop to argue, and especially do not go after them: in the above case I could probably follow that car for two corners more or miles - protecting myself with The Shield of Has the Right - when at the end of a street would have to notice the other members of the family, equipped with iron bars, baseball bats and other who-knows weapons.

It has happened multiple times - I imagine not only in Hungary - it can happen anytime.

So my recommendation, if you feel the road rage is on the doorstep:

If still felt any kind of road rage - it doesn't matter anymore: you most likely wouldn't be able to find that driver by now.

You didn't die, you didn't get injured, move along there's nothing to see here.

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