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I use Motul-oil!

Not with bone marrow.

As I'm more satisfied with the products of Motul, thus I can allow myself to mention and start with those I wouldn't ever again spend money on.

First prize goes to Motul M1. For the laymen and according to the labels, this is a liquid to clean the helmet's external and the visor. Absolutely useless:

Second prize goes to Motul E7. In laymen terms and according to the labels, this is a specific insect-remover liquid for the motorbike:

Third prize goes to Motul Motocool Expert cooling liquid. Though, it might have been my amateurism, but: no company should produce a cooling liquid in yellow colour. Because through the smoked, not transparent reservoir it's easy to overfill. Rather should use bile green or yellow, even fluorescent disco-blue or lime green - but not mild yellow.

On the other hand - the following products are those I always have on stock.

The primary place goes to Motul M2, which is used to clean...refresh (cleaning would be an overstatement) the helmet interior. For me worked by scent, and between two usual washing kept the interior fresh. This isn't all. Triplicates during travel: perfect solution to refresh also the gloves or the boots during the evenings. Classic pump-mechanism, doesn't need more and even protects the ozone layer. An absolute must, for any multiple day tours too.

Second place has Motul C1 and Motul C4, which fulfills all the needs primarily of the motorbike, also all my expectations about any chain-management purposes; or if I have to clean something really greasy stuff. Staying with the motorbike, Motul 300V/15W50 motor oil also; I don't have any insight into what-would-happen-if-I-used-something-else? but one thing for sure, with indirect technical connections the motor also likes it, because so far except the every 6000. km oil change, I've never been out of engine oil or would have to refill it. Also the Motul DOT5.1 flows in the braking system, and have on stock Motul P2, which is an effective bathroom mirror or brake disc cleaner.

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