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Have the experiences with the products of Forcefield: the pendulum swings to all directions.

On the contrary to Motul, I cannot say that I purchased nearly the complete product offer, but primarily own the Pro L2K back, spine and kidney protector.

Has worth the money, works as it should (so far have not tested live), picks up the shape of the back by the body heat so makes it comfortable and unnoticeable, also the wide velcro waistband is a plus.

Why did I say that. Anno when I started riding motorbikes last year, I obviously bought only basic equipment - included a different brand's relatively comfortably priced back protector.

Then after the nth occasion I had to realize that the waistband moves away, opens and closes itself: thus ripped everything apart. Everything, including the finely woven, wicking/breathable shirts up to the 15 000HUF worth motorist base layer.

Personally I wouldn't go into hard vs. soft debates: the consensus says a hard-shell protector just as the helmet really should be thrown out after one impact, soft protectors can be reused. Obviously this feature highly depends on the nature of the impact, but since hard-shell protectors aren't that much cheaper either, I rather invested into this type.

On the other hand what I quite didn't get to like are those Tornado Advance base layers: gloves, balaclava and the neck warmer. About under 22-20 Celsius they are pretty much useless, and any average motorbiker clothes already should provide adequate protection against the elements at this temperature.

Instead of the gloves I'd rather add some extra mango and buy a real, warmer gloves. There's no need of the neck warmer at all, if you have a tube scarf and a decent jacket (maybe I used it one time altogether). The balaclava, well - that's indeed always in the luggage, doesn't take any space and comes really handy if the temperature drops while climbing The Alps, or if you happen to do some rowing after the rainstorm.

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