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When you can pull in the leather belt TWO holes more in.

Slim happiness of course, but compared to a fact, that it was getting difficult to lean forward to tie my shoes (really) - this is the Ode to Joy.

And slowly makes sense to think about a motorbiker jeans (way better for city rides than the cumbersome knee protectors), further a more flexible figure adds greater fun while riding motorbikes.


Thank you very much for the question, you are very kind, of course I will tell you. Only tiny best bits, the rest aren't public, how can one gain 20 kg extra in short 9 months, when the Naive Renegade returned?

You need a randomly found, without any pre-warnings, in a good reputation district a newly built apartment, where even while sitting but if you don't urinate with the right angle, pressure, distance and temperature, then the neighbour three floors away will be able to analyze your urine sample with 99% success.
Where each corner of the building has the SMOKING IS PROHIBITED signs (of course, as everything is made of paper) and at 11pm when you were about to fall asleep in the bed, then notice the typical smell of the cigarette smoke flowing around in the room.
Same at any other time, smoke flows from the ventilation pipes in any part of the apartment.
Without any personal remarks (has no clue who exactly was it), although a bit louder comment the situation and lay back.
Ten minutes later, in your half-awaken state notice that someone yells down on the street - censored. Someone from above try to hush him, 5 minutes later the yelling stops.
During the next few days, a man in his fifties with minimal hair and once muscular body, along with educated follower party of males in their 20-30s (quite sure they aren't members in The White Dove of Peace Society) want to intimidate you.

The motorbike stands down in the garage, you cannot stand next to it all the times, the only possible protection is a brake disc lock with alarm.
Smoking neither stops later: as a one-time solution try to turn on all the fans in the apartment, in the bathroom, kitchen and WC: then for 1.5 week you continuously sneeze and have a running nose due to the dust infection, as those ventilation pipes haven't been cleaned in the last 5 years, at least.

Rather funny, there's a Neighbour Daddy, who after you started the motorbike engine and let it warm for a few seconds with the choke - passed by with his children and had to note I can smell the petrol, stop the engine! because according to his opinion the car alarm three parking spots away started to shriek due to this.

I surely have missing car-mechanics knowledge, but I haven't heard of such alarm. What's the point?
  • if you sit in the car (why is the alarm activated?), it tells you to not exit because the CO2 level is high outside?
  • if you're arriving to the car, does it matter? You would faint and get asphyxiated sooner.
Needless to say, there was absolutely no such CO2 amount in the air, and neither before or ever again did that alarm go out.

You need an injury in the gym and too many pizza.

You need an arrival back to the flat one day, when have to notice the last drop, someone tried to pick the lock with semi-brute force.

One must pay attention to thousand things when renting a flat, I didn't notice it, but learned the first chapter: if all the doors on the floor have the same lock except yours - something has already happened there.

And then there are random car rental companies: when you think you move out from this place, everything is packed and ready, count every minutes until picking up the car - then they rip you off premeditated, not only economically.

2018 has been left behind.

2018 is closed.

Hungary, please do not show new things ever again to the Returning Renegade.

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