One of my New Year Resolutions from the listBudapest: 2019-01-09 19:01
Buenos Aires: 2019-01-09 15:01
Praha: 2019-01-09 19:01

The spelchecking-vinner elementary and high-school years have gone by a long time ago: producing less errors with more active use of a spellchecker.


The system has been implemented and activated + probably there were few who noticed around the year change: the complete site has been reloaded with a corrected content.

Wrote a funny little script on the way which gave me a statistics at the end: my English knowledge of the words pronounciation (pronunciation), pronunce (pronounce) and chocholate (chocolate) is embarassing (embarrassing).

On the other hand offering a very humble opinion, during these years I invented words which I'm proud of and are just exceptionally smart and witty:
  • neighboors, neighboorhood
  • membersheep
  • DataStack technolology
Which stand solid in themselves, or even funnier knowing the context.

This affected only grammar-related activities, the content itself hasn't changed; except at some places where I had no clue what I was actually talking about then, lol.

A few more updates also shall come forth, as the automatic unit conversion - what's been the case for some time in that popup bubble - except currencies: I have no intention to do detective work about how much the Hungarian forint, Argentine peso and US dollar was worth 6 years ago on the given day.

So this update would bring what the site should have always had grammatically ... but well. Anyway, from now on hopefully there won't be major or unintentional spelling erors.

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