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I don't want to exaggerate. I'm not making comparisons and know, many of the professional motorcyclists take and have to endure way much more physical challenges than I had to in the vicinity of Garbolc.

They weren't visible on the original image, but I'd like to add:

Now look at your hand. Focus on the knuckles, protected by a silk-thin layer of skin. Look back to the pictures. If any impact which could chip off about 2-3 millimeters of a hardened plastic in a split second - then imagine the results with that puny little bone structure.

The revival
Since I've ridden many miles in it (secondly also had its price tag), I visited multiple repairs shops in Budapest specialized in leather to see if they could help it.

All the answers were 100% denying, and I agreed to some extent, as seen not the stitching but the leather itself ripped apart (look again on your hand). Also there's a plastic protective layer above the gray foam, so if they stitched it again, on the first occasion I make a grabbing movement would separate again.

Not so fast
So I went and bought an elastic leather glue and after a few rounds:

Alright, I agree: at this stage it looks like as if I punched down a Cocytius antaeus. No, this was the unfortunate default colour of the glue. Nonetheless, after a day or two drying process and picking up, the glue still holds itself and I can make grabbing moves without the fear of ripping apart. Of course, I'll get some white also elastic leather dye.

So, my new pair of SP AIR is already on the shelves to await the new season - but this will become as the everyday gloves with confidence.

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