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In colder and bored moments weather, I usually spend my time with reading various motorbike manuals as well (I like RTFM) - and had to notice with a slight pain that nowadays nearly all the motorbikes have the digital gear indicator, as a default feature.

I don't see the reasons. Back when I got the driving licence, I had the chance to drive one of these - and basically (heard the very same thing from others) had to notice on myself that I very often look down again-and-again on it to figure out my current gear.

Needless to say, it just right argues with the First Commandment of the Motorbiker's Ten Commandment: 1. The motorcycle goes into the direction where you look.

It's not needed or done in a - manual transmission - car, you don't look down on the gear stick, then why for a motorbike?

For me, the fading analogue world before the digital life has worked so far perfectly ... I COUNT. In my head, silently, even when accelerating, or downshifting before stopping.

The main mantra of riding a motorcycle is that you have to know many things instinctively and by muscle memory.
The ability to count from 1 to 6 and back, that shouldn't require heavy brain strain.

Sure, there are motorbikes where you open the throttle and try to stay on the rocket. Absolute fun, no misunderstanding.

These may need such, but then again: your focus on the road is even more imperative.

Alright, it happens sometimes if I'm on a long marching typically on highways, I indeed sometimes re-check if I'm in 6th - but surely not that extra 1-2 shifts will age the gearbox system.

The car industry messed up safety, when they started to design and manufacture eternally comfortable cars. Christmas full stomach, one glass of wine also disappeared (Make it two, alcohol doesn't affect me.) then sits into the pre-heated SUV, downtuned nice LEDs give the mood, pleasant background music starts from the 12-speakers, and just sink into the embracing, soft, comfy with massage functions armchair. Muscular engine starts to roar under the thousands kilogram vehicle, and except steering a wheel with the index finger, once in a while moving a leg - the chauffeur needs nothing else to do.

Most of them indeed don't do.

I hope that the motorbike-industry will never get to this. Sure, I absolutely support merged technologies like ABS - but safe motorbike riding will end at that exact point, when more and more convenience features will be built into the bikes.

Automatic transmission, W-T-F?

So if...when I'll put my hand on a bike with digital gear indicator again - and the onboard computer doesn't support its deactivation, I will just put a black plaster onto that part on the LCD.

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