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Buenos Aires: 2019-03-14 15:03
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Not that way or overall, per se.

Anno, when I started motorcycling and bought the beginner gear (*sigh*), I purchased a complete, protecting the knee from all three sides protector, which reaches down to the shin bone.

This is all beautiful and fine, but may teach very wrong preconditioning. First, I don't see why would one need a protector to the inside part of the knee. Sure, there's a statistical chance that if someone fell down so badly, that part would be injured - but I don't think this happens too often with street riders.

One has to watch the equipment of the professional motorcyclists: one slider on the outer part, one more on the front part of the knee. That's all complete. And to compare, in the case of a high-side they indeed do fly all around, swinging all the possible limbs.

During a high-side the rear wheel looses and regains the traction for and in a moment - thus the ample torque launches the bike and the biker into the air. The most spectacular picture of the motorbike races and even more, one of the most dangerous accidents.

The low-side is a relative better story: the bike lays down and slides not on the wheels but the side. Which could happen in Garbolc, if I had pressed the rear brake harder along with the lean.

So the problem with the full knee protector:

  1. you're paying attention to not scratch the petrol tank
  2. when you grab it with your thighs, first you press the protector to the tank, and then you feel the move of your leg inside the protector (you're pressing the padding), until it will indeed hold the tank

Naturally I don't hate the full knee protectors, but except MX, trial, etc - where you're riding in a standing position anyway - it's not the most optimal equipment.

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