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Embarking on motorcycle tests, hopefully in a planned sustainable pace.

One might ironically note that I hopped onto the seat of a brand, where I opinionated only superficially and not covering all their offer, yet a Harley is a Harley.

This afternoon gave a slight shower, and while arriving to Harley-Davidson Hungary, I had slight doubts. Not with the enormous cubic centimeters of the engine, but the low seat position and the typical chopper way of gear shifting (up with toes, down with heel) required a new way of approach and acclimatization. The mentioned Forty-Eight on the other hand was a good choice, because this is the relatively closest to the usual street or tour bike built, only you stoop a bit.

A brutally short list on the bike's specs, a 1,200cc V2 engine gives the power and torque. Further historical and technical details can be read here and here.

First impressions?
The seating position is endlessly comfortable, and compared to those pre-arrival thoughts, the handlebar is absolutely not as high and not inconvenient at all.

That V2 engine sound - detailed below - is what crawls and will stay in your spine. And you aren't be bothered with it for a second.

During the ride?

After the ride?
I couldn't help myself but notice that getting on the Hornet is much more intimate, grabbing the tank with my thighs arrived into a more instinctively dynamic response. Which gave me the only simple answer: you become a better motorcyclist only, if you ride as much variety of bikes as possible.

A Harley is a Harley
Giving respect to the brand is unquestionable, without any exaggeration since 1903 Harley-Davidson has moved forward the universe of motorcycling with great steps, has cut an earned part from the cheese. Then came the stormy fifties-sixties whereas the general beer-intelligence of the average male, and later certain groups didn't exactly help to chisel and enhance the brand's name or motorcycling in general, the still loveable bad-boy and bad-girl image was right washed into out-of-the-law criminal leather jackets.

Except two classics - The Wild One and the Easy Rider - the mentioned decades brought also serious movie history offences: just raise your hands, if you didn't fall asleep or shook your fists in leather gloves and rattling chrome chains seeing the lower than low quality of 99% of the Harley-themed movies.

Secondly everyone has his or her list of what one seeks in a motorcycle, myself along with other parameters really melt away hearing nice sounds. If you ask which is that brand where in a constant manner, pretty much any of their bikes has a beautiful sound - without thinking would point to Harley.

The wild hog's low growl, gargle, and grunt is intense, even before seeing in the corner you know: a Harley-Davidson is upon arrival.

My opinion still stands, simply don't see myself in this moment yet as the target audience. For daily, track and especially touring rides I don't see that Harley bike which would fit into my imagination - but no misunderstandings, I would hop onto a piece of motorcycle history anytime again, to make daily roundtrips or ride to a festival and let the rock 'n roll resonate.

Riding a Harley is something one must do at least once in a lifetime. And a Fat Boy? Already planned.

Itself and some of the other beauties:

Acknowledgement and thanks are rendered to Harley-Davidson Hungary for the test ride: http://www.harley-davidson.hu

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