Brake pads exist to wear out, II.Budapest: 2019-04-22 19:03
Buenos Aires: 2019-04-22 14:03
Praha: 2019-04-22 19:03

Had the second race track occasion: huge experience. Woke up half past 6 am, and by 7:15 I was already hasting on the M5 to the Kakucs, because today was a full motorcycle day.

Although I registered only for a half day, primarily because there was rain forecast for the afternoon, secondly 4 hours of race track motorcycling is sufficiently entertaining before tiredness.

In medias res: those who figure out the source of that sound three times around the end, will win my motorbiker respect:

Hint: it was not the slider of the boots anymore. But even lower.

Have been getting the question Can you do wheelies already? No, and most likely won't ever be able, because fortunately I'm too old for that (details in a later entry). Nonetheless I've been curious since, whether without any extreme efforts - eg. lifting the handlebar by muscle, putting the body weight to the back, starting with full throttle - could a 600cc bike raise its front, when carrying a whale which weighs already only around 100 kg?

I received the answer today: yes. Although it's way far from a chocolate experience, yet a pleasing adrenaline shot.

Also that one, when around 80 both wheels lock due to miscalculated braking, and you're sliding; wasn't planned but even if it had happened, but with focus kept the bike's run on a straight line.

Altogether this was a great day, learned a lot.

Of course, brain mode on. Push your and your bike's limits on the track, but divide at least 2 times on public roads.

Not necessarily only because of speed limits, but that handful of dirt on the road is enough to turn a more self-confident leaning into a low-side slide.

About the motorcycle, leaning angles, more instinctive counter-steering, eyes focus on the curve and the farthest possible. Such things like using both brakes have been logical for me from Moment 1, so they were used actively (details in a later entry).

Absolute learning curve and pleasure.

Petrol smoke and the road in the clothes.

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